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Philippines Typhoon Mangkhut

Philippines Typhoon Mangkhut

Oxfam and local partners are preparing to deliver clean water and shelter to thousands in the aftermath of Typhoon Mangkhut. 

The storm made landfall this weekend, bringing with it high winds and torrential rains. It is estimated that at least 5 million people who live in the projected path of the storm will have been affected.

Oxfam and its partner organisations are on the ground in the Philippines. You can help.

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Typhoon Mangkhut update: Press release (16 Sept 2018)

Credit: NASA

Satellite image of Typhoon Mangkhut. Credit: NASA

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The situation

Maria Rosario Felizco, Country Director of Oxfam in the Philippines, said that:

"We are concerned about the impact on lives and livelihoods, especially those within the eye of the storm. They will be urgently needing life-saving access to food, safe water, shelter, and sanitation facilities. The communities will need support during this time of great need. Oxfam and our partners are ready to support the government. We will prioritise addressing the needs of women and girls throughout the emergency response."

There are significant logistical challenges to delivering immediate support as rains and landslides have damaged critical infrastructure, making assessment difficult in some areas. Roads, bridges, powers lines, and cell sites are down.

Oxfam's April Bulanadi said "Thousands of evacuees are currently staying inside churches and schools. Survivors have told us that families in some evacuation centres can only drink from hand pumps which are a kilometre away. Some have brought bottled water but supply is limited. Clean water is an urgent priority." Based on the results of initial assessments, the identified immediate needs in addition to clean water and shelter include food, hygiene kits and cash transfers as people have lost their sources of income."

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