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Oxfam in Niger

Children share a meal in the village of Timbouloulag. Oxfam's work in Niger includes working with communities to ensure they have adequate food supplies. Photo: Aubrey Wade

From our staff

Weifane Ibrahim, Education Programme Co-ordinator

 I work in the education programme, joining with local partners on school building projects, strengthening links with the Ministry of Education, pushing for policy changes and - a source of particular pride - supporting people as they set up school canteens.

These help to improve pupils' health and push up attendance rates, and because communities are also taking part-ownership of the canteens, it means that people can use the food they grow and therefore earn an income. The Ministry is so impressed with the canteens that it's currently looking into expanding the scheme."

Full details of what Oxfam is doing in Niger (PDF, 724KB)

In 2016-17 Oxfam helped:

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