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Oxfam in Nicaragua

Oxfam provides support to Nicaraguan farmers like Vicenta Martinez Manzanares to help develop their skills and sell their produce in national and international markets. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Intermon Oxfam

From our staff

Sonia Cano, Country Director

 I've been with Oxfam for 16 years, and lead our work to ensure long-lasting changes occur in the lives of people who are poor, excluded or discriminated against. My job involves ensuring we achieve what we set out to achieve, and that our programmes are properly monitored and evaluated. I'm also responsible for developing our staff, and for making sure women can participate in our work.

Recently, I visited an area of the Caribbean Coast, where we've worked with people who are forgetting their ancient differences to raise a single voice and engage in dialogue with leaders in their territories. This sort of progress makes me really proud.

Full details of what Oxfam is doing in Nicaragua (PDF, 244KB)

In 2016-17 Oxfam directly helped:

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