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Middle East Gender Equality Programme

Women from Oxfam's partner organisation, League of Tunisian Female Electors, protest outside the National Constitutional Assembly for Tunisia to demand that women make up 50% of electoral lists. Photo: Serena Tramonti

From our staff

Sarah Barakat, Programme Officer, Women's Access to Justice in the Middle East and North Africa

 In this region, Oxfam aims, through different approaches, to ensure gender equality. Our objective is to give women the tools that allow them to take control of their own lives.

It's a broad-ranging project. We are working to end violence against women in Lebanon, Jordan and the occupied Palestinian Territories, by engaging with men and boys in these countries. We're involved in achieving social protection for widows in Iraq. Based on our experience in Yemen we promote women's access to justice in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. And we help women to take part in politics. 

Full details of Oxfam's Middle East Gender Equality programme (PDF, 2MB)

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