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Oxfam in Colombia

A woman holds up a photo of her son who disappeared, caught up in Colombia's armed conflict. Oxfam works with communities affected by the decades-old conflict. Photo: Jose Luis Rodriquez Maldonado/Intermon Oxfam

From our staff

Jose Luis Barreiro, Territorial Rights Programme Manager

 The reality of life in Colombia is complicated. Ongoing armed conflict and high levels of inequality, especially in rural areas, are serious problems - and very closely linked. But success here is certainly possible. We've recently worked with grassroots organisations formed by farmers, indigenous communities and people of African descent, supporting people as they fight to improve their lives and protect their rights.

In Colombia, Oxfam focuses on three areas: humanitarian and human rights crises; gender equality; and the need to build better economic opportunities. Within these areas, my focus is on helping indigenous and African communities raise their voices. It's a tough challenge, but we're determined to succeed.

Full details of what Oxfam is doing in Colombia (PDF, 259KB)

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