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Oxfam in Bolivia

People from Trinidad cross a bridge after clearing weeds from their 'camellones' - raised platforms of land surrounded by water. Oxfam has helped develop this ancient system, first used 3,000 years ago, which protects the crops from flooding. Photo: Jane Beesley

From our staff

Patricia Flores Palacios, Urban Equity and Gender Co-ordinator

 Oxfam is an important influence in Bolivia because it promotes the work of civil society organisations that work to fight poverty. As for me, I'm involved in making sure that the projects we support place women at their heart - particularly poor women from indigenous communities.

One way we've done this in recent years has been by ensuring women can play a key role in the camellones projects - which involve raising crop land above flood levels. This work is based on pre-Hispanic ideas about farming, and women have been fundamental in leading the work and encouraging others to join in.

Full details of what Oxfam is doing in Bolivia (PDF, 235KB)

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