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Tackling abuse: Information and updates

On 16 February 2018, we agreed on a 10-Point Action Plan to strengthen Oxfam's safeguarding policies and practices and to transform our organisational culture. 

Oxfam made critical mistakes in Haiti in 2011, failing to properly prevent and investigate sexual misconduct by our staff. We are sorry for these failures in care and proper processes. Everyone in Oxfam is committed to putting that right now.

Our action plan

If we are to keep people safe today and tomorrow, there can be no half measures. To ensure the safety and dignity of every person we work with and for, Oxfam has introduced a 10-point action plan based on three key principles:

  • our commitment to transparency
  • our commitment to transformational change in our culture
  • our commitment to women's rights

Read the report of the investigation carried out in 2011, into allegations of sexual misconduct in Haiti

Read the full 10-point plan 

Talk to us

If you would like to talk about how Oxfam is working to tackle abuse, if you have ideas for how we could do more, or about anything else that you would like to know, please do get in touch.

Call: 0300 200 1300
Twitter: @oxfamgb Facebook:

Further information

Safeguarding in our shops 

You may also have seen reports of sexual misconduct in our UK shops dating from before 2014/15. We want you to be assured that the safety of our shop volunteers is of utmost importance to Oxfam.

Find out more about safeguarding in our shops

Our plans, reports and policies

We're committed to being transparent with you. You can access full, detailed policies here, including our safeguarding policies and our Code of Conduct.

Learn more

Our promise to you when you support Oxfam 

This organisation is full of amazing, brave staff and volunteers - dedicated to saving and changing people's lives all over the world. But we can't do any of this without your trust and support.

Read our supporter promise