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Plans, reports and policies

As an organisation, Oxfam is committed to openness and transparency.

It is vitally important to us that we are accountable to our staff, volunteers, supporters, donors, suppliers and host governments. The documents on this page will help you understand the following:

  • The vision and values that guide what we do and how we do it.
  • The standards and benchmarks we measure ourselves and others against.
  • Progress we've made and lessons we've learned.

Open Information and Oxfam

Kieran Doherty

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Oxfam Annual Report & Accounts

Oxfam International Strategic Plan 2013-19 (PDF 584KB)

Statement of legitimacy and accountability

If you're looking for Oxfam's extensive library of publications, research and policy, please visit our Policy & Practice website.

Governance - how we are run

Oxfam's Council of trustees

The trustees of Oxfam have ultimate responsibility in law for the charity, its assets and activities. They form the Council of trustees, which is the governing body of Oxfam. They are appointed because of their commitment to Oxfam and their outstanding experience and skills. The Council meets approximately seven times a year.

Meet Oxfam's trustees

Council minutes

Oxfam's constitution

Sets out the work and activities we can and cannot do according to our charitable mandate. 

Oxfam's constitution 

Safeguarding and conduct

As we have seen recently in the media, sexual abuse and harassment is a serious problem in many parts of society. Oxfam is no different.

Oxfam treats all allegations of sexual abuse very seriously and investigates each one thoroughly. We have a confidential 'whistle-blowing' helpline, a dedicated Safeguarding Team, and safeguarding contact points within countries.

In recent years we have worked hard not only to raise awareness amongst staff and improve how we handle complaints but also to change the culture in which we work to prevent the abuse of power in the first place and to support those that speak out.

We encourage people to report wherever they have a concern - and we have seen more people come forward as a result. We believe that only by being open and transparent about the problem can we tackle it.

We are committed to continually learning and improving in order to protect our staff, volunteers and beneficiaries from sexual harassment and abuse.

Oxfam's safeguarding and related policies

Code of Conduct

Oxfam GB is working towards a world in which people can live with dignity, have their basic needs met and their basic rights respected, and have the ability to control their own lives. To achieve this ambition and vision of 'a just world without poverty', it is vital for those who work with Oxfam GB to remain true to its core mission, aims and values. Staff and non-staff alike need to understand and comply with the guidance on behaviour that is expected of them in the areas of:

  • use of information and resources,
  • ensuring the safety, health and welfare of other employees, volunteers and contractors at Oxfam,
  • ensuring personal and professional conduct is, and is seen to be, of the highest standard, and in keeping with Oxfam GB's beliefs, values, and aims. This section of the Code of Conduct includes guidance on prevention of sexual exploitation.
  • avoiding possible conflicts of interest in your personal life with Oxfam GB's work,
  • involvement in criminal activities or activities that compromise Oxfam's work,
  • refraining from harassment, discrimination, abuse, intimidation, or sexual exploitation.

Download Oxfam's Code of Conduct for staff (.pdf)

Download Oxfam's Code of Conduct for non-staff (.pdf)

Speak Up: Ways to report misconduct (whistleblowing)

If an employee, volunteer, partner, consultant or contractor suspects misconduct has, or is about to occur, we encourage them to communicate their suspicions without fear of reprisals and in the knowledge that they will be protected from victimisation and dismissal.

Safeguarding concerns, fraud/corruption concerns and human resources (HR) related misconduct can be reported via email or online:

Any person not connected to Oxfam can also report misconduct via these channels. 

All reports are assessed by the Integrity and Intelligence Team before being allocated to an investigation team. All reports are confidential and we will only share the details with the appropriate team members to progress your complaint. Reporters/survivors/complainants can choose to stay anonymous. Please see the data protection notice for information on how your information will be processed.

Download Oxfam's Disclosure of Malpractice in the Workplace Policy (.pdf)

Reporting Misconduct SOP (PDF 847 KB)

Find out more

Official warning from the Charity Commission to Oxfam GB following failures after Haiti response in 2011 and in safeguarding from 2011 to 2017

The Charity Commission on 11 June 2019 ended its Statutory Inquiry into Oxfam GB with the issue of its Report and an Official Warning against Oxfam GB, as a "sanction for past failures". The Warning will remain on Oxfam GB's records with the Commission for a year.

The Warning refers to "regulatory action under section 84 of the Charities Act to direct action expedient in the interests of the charity" - this is a reference to the Directions which the Commission issued on 10 June. It's usual practice for the Commission to issue Directions at the end of a Statutory Inquiry and in issuing the Directions to Oxfam GB the Commission noted that Oxfam GB had already taken significant steps to remedy matters raised by the Commission. Under the Directions Oxfam GB must submit to the Commission by 30 June an action plan for the Commission's approval. This plan will set out what further steps Oxfam GB will take by the end of March 2020 to implement the outstanding Ineqe recommendations, improve elements of risk management and assurance in Trading and implement relevant matters from the recommendations and findings of the Independent Commission on Sexual Misconduct, Accountability and Culture.

The Charity Commission's Summary Findings and Conclusions (pg 13) note that (in March 2018) Oxfam GB commissioned Jim Gamble QPM as independent reviewer, supported by a team of safeguarding experts from the Ineqe Safeguarding Group, to conduct an independent review into our safeguarding, both historically and as at March 2018. The Ineqe independent safeguarding review was supervised by the Commission and overseen by Kate Gallafent QC.  The Commission has published the independent review's executive summary and recommendations alongside its own report.  With the consent of the Commission, and in the interests of full transparency, Oxfam GB is now publishing Ineqe's full report.  The report sets out in detail Ineqe's methodology, evidence base and findings - giving context to the 79 recommendations Ineqe made for improving Oxfam GB's safeguarding arrangements.

The independent review's findings and recommendations were based on engagement with Oxfam GB between March and September 2018. The report therefore doesn't reflect progress made by Oxfam since then.

It was approved for publication by Kate Gallafent QC, Chair of the Independent Review on Monday 17 June 2019.

INEQE FINAL Oxfam GB Report 2019

Our standards and policies - how we work

Oxfam's open information policy

We are committed to being transparent about our work and accountable to beneficiaries, donors and partners.

Learning and evaluation

We are strongly committed to strengthening our ability to capture and communicate our effectiveness, in order to learn what does and does not work in our efforts to overcome poverty.

Evaluation guides and policies


Our suppliers in the UK and overseas deliver the wide range of goods and services we need to support our work, including humanitarian supplies, goods for resale in our shops network, corporate supplies, IT, marketing services and much more.

Information for suppliers

Ethical and Environmental Policy (PDF 188 KB)

Our partners

We work with others to achieve our goals, but we choose our partners carefully and expect of them the same rigorous standards we apply to ourselves. 

Your right to complain

If you think we're doing something wrong, we will take it seriously. A complaint is a formal expression of dissatisfaction about the standards of service, actions or lack of action by Oxfam, and  our Complaints Policy will tell you how to make one.  

Our plans and reports

Annual report and accounts

In-depth reports detailing how we've performed against our objectives, our income and expenditure. 

Download the latest annual report and accounts (PDF 1.6MB)

Previous reports

Strategic plan

The Strategic plan outlines the key priorities for the next three years, based on our understanding of how the world is changing for poor people and how we believe we should respond.

Oxfam International Strategic Plan 2013-19 (PDF 584KB)

Previous plans

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