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How we work

Oxfam is a global movement of people working towards a world without poverty. And we won't rest until we get the job done.

We respond fast in emergencies, and stay to help people rebuild their lives. We work on long-term projects with communities determined to shape a better future for themselves. And we campaign for genuine, lasting change.

Here's a snapshot of what makes us tick, and how we work - plus links to explore further.

We believe in people

It all starts with one simple fact: all human lives are of equal value and full of potential. Experience tells us with the right support and training, people can work their own way out of poverty.

The impact of our work

We work better together

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. Oxfam partners with organisations who have unique local expertise, connections and experience. Doing so not only saves us time and money, but also helps foster trust and respect in the communities we support. And through working together, infrastructures are established that will keep doing good work when the communities we work with are ready to go it alone.

About our partners

We're experienced

We've been hard at work for 70 years and we work in more than 90 countries*. But we're still always  willing to learn and keep looking for new ways to make an even bigger difference. Our history speaks for itself.

History of Oxfam

Meet some of our staff

We're experts

We're a world expert in providing water and sanitation, and emergency response. In 2010/11 alone, generous public donations helped us reach 6.5 million people affected by conflict and disasters. We know a thing or two about long-term development and tackling the causes of poverty too!

Current emergency responses

Issues we work on

We say it like it is

There are some people who never know when to keep quiet. Fortunately, quite a lot of them campaign with Oxfam! Whenever an issue is blatantly unfair, or secretly shoved under the carpet, we can rely on thousands of people who come together to demand - and get - results.

Campaign with us

We're open and transparent

We're humbled by the amazing trust our supporters put in us - but we don't take it for granted. We know it matters to you that we're completely upfront about what we do and how we do it. It matters to us too. Because only by spending every single penny wisely can we be sure that we're changing the biggest number of lives.

How we spend your money

Plans, reports and policies

We're optimistic

Poverty's a big nut to crack. But even the biggest problems can be cut down to size if we all chip in and chip away. With Oxfam staff, volunteers and supporters doing so much in so many countries, we don't think poverty stands much of a chance.

The impact of our work

* Oxfam Great Britain is a member of Oxfam International, a confederation of 19 independent national organisations working in more than 90 countries.

Want to find out more?

Find out more about our values and goals.

Want more examples? Read the latest Annual Report and Accounts.

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