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  • Grows vegetables
  • Fills classrooms
  • Drills wells
  • Empowers women
  • Fights poverty
  • Free Uk delivery on all gifts
    Or you can add a donation at checkout
  • Personalise your gift at checkout
    Add a personal message, ecard or card front
  • Add a 'Little Extra' at checkout
    Add-on gifts available (including chocolate!)

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£3.95 UK delivery


All profits fight poverty

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Unwrapped FAQs

For more detailed information on buying, delivery and returns

What is Oxfam Unwrapped?

Oxfam Unwrapped is a collection of unique virtual charity gifts like a Goat or Fix a well. It's simple, you choose from one of our great gifts, we send you a gift card or e-card to give to your friends or family, and your gift helps to create a world without poverty.

Once you've chosen your gift you can personalise your gift card with your own message, choose a special front cover and add a Little Extra (one of our fair trade goodies like our solid 'Archie the chocolate goat'). And if you'd prefer an e-card we can send that too!

The money raised from Oxfam Unwrapped gifts help to support the full range of Oxfam's work. Find out more about how we spend your money and how we ensure that your donation goes where it's needed most.

Schools, groups and companies can get involved as well. Just call our friendly team to discuss your requirements 0300 100 252.

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When I buy an Oxfam Unwrapped gift what does the person I'm buying for actually receive?

When you buy an Oxfam Unwrapped charity gift your friend or family will receive a gift card explaining the gift you bought them and how it will help transform the lives of people living in poverty.

You can choose to send a gift card, e-card or both and add a personal message. Then we will send the gift card direct to your friends or family and your gift will go where it's needed most. If you'd prefer the gift card can be sent to your home so that you can give it in person.

There is a whole range of lovely Little Extras that you can buy with an Oxfam Unwrapped gift, like our bestselling solid milk chocolate Archie the Goat. There's something for everyone to make your Oxfam Unwrapped gift extra special.

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How is my money spent?

The money that you and many others spend on Oxfam Unwrapped gifts will support the full range of Oxfam's work. There is a gift code allocated to each gift and this shows how we'll spend your money. You can tell which type of project your gift will support from the last two letters of the gift code. For example our Goat gift code is OU9010ML. ML stands for Make a Living projects. All of the money from gifts with the Make a Living code will be spent on our projects that enable people to generate a sustainable income, put food on the table and learn to cope with the impacts of climate change. It could fund activities such as the distribution of livestock, training for farmers and teaching business skills. Unwrapped gifts support four categories of Oxfam's work.

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Can I keep track of my gift?

When you buy a gift your money goes into a specific funding category and Oxfam will spend the money on items and activities related to that category. For example, if you buy a 'Goat' gift, your funds will go into the Making a Living category and could support a livestock project, but they could also help us to train farmers or women in business skills. More information

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What are the other gifting options available?

Little extras:

An Oxfam Unwrapped Little Extra is a treat that you can add to your gift card. There's a whole range of goodies from our bestseller the 'Solid Milk Chocolate Archie the Goat' or a bag of Divine Fairtrade chocolate coins to an Oxfam 'Bag for Lives'. There is no limit to how many Little Extras you can order however, you can only order them with an Oxfam Unwrapped gift, they are not sold as separate and they are for UK delivery only.

Oxfam shops are now stocking 'Solid Milk Chocolate Archie the Goat' which can be purchased with or without an Oxfam Unwrapped gift card. Unfortunately the majority of our Little Extra range is not available in store.

Nectar gift:

You can spend your Nectar points on Oxfam Unwrapped. There are specially selected gifts on the Nectar site including a nectar exclusive gift for only £2.50 (500 points). Visit the nectar website to purchase a gift or find out more.

Wedding and gift lists:

Getting married soon? Oxfam Unwrapped offers wedding and gift lists for your big occasion. You can choose your life-changing gifts and send the list to your family and friends. Visit our gift lists page to find out more.

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Can I send my e-card to more than one person?

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to send individual e-cards to multiple email addresses.

However, if you are buying a large gift as a group, and would like to send the e-card to more than one person, you can send the e-card to yourself, and then forward the email to the rest of the group. This option should only be used by fundraising groups.

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How can I get a printed catalogue?

If you would like us to post you a copy of the new Oxfam Unwrapped catalogue, please call our friendly team on 0300 200 1252

Calls cost no more than a national call and count towards 'free' minutes and discount schemes, just like 01 and 02 numbers. Our lines are open Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm.

Or you can browse our online catalogue.

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