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Tips and ideas

We've put together a list of some of the most popular fundraisers and events to inspire you to choose something that suits you! Get an idea about how much you might raise, download the guide and get fundraising!

Ten step event planning guide

Fundraising tips

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Why not see if you can get matched funding from your workplace? Some employers will double your fundraising for you by donating a pound for every pound raised.

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Show your guests or sponsors where the money goes. Find out more here or email us at to order some extra leaflets.

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Set up an online fundraising page on Justgiving, Virgin Money Giving or our own fundraising pages.

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Order a sweepstake or organise a raffle to raise more money at your event.

Fundraising ideas

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Unleash your inner sportsperson

Why not try organising a sports tournament or a fun sports day? What about 5 a side football, table tennis tournament or a golf day?

You could raise: £50 - £250 

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Special occasion celebration

You could ask friends for a donation rather than presents for a birthday, wedding or another special occasion. Get tips on setting up an online giving page.

You could raise: £200 - £2000 

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Walk this way

Put on or take part in a sponsored walk. It can be as long or short as you like, with hundreds or just a few people. The Leeds group put on a five, ten or 15k walk in the Yorkshire Pennines and raised £500.

You could raise: £300 - £600

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Organise an International Women's Day event

On 8th March put on an event to celebrate International Women's Day and you can help empower women across the world.

You could raise: £50 - £1000
Visit our International Women's Day fundraising page

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Organise a World Food Day event

On 16th October put on an event to celebrate World Food Day and help Oxfam to ensure people living in poverty have enough to eat.

You could raise: £50 - £1000 Download how to guide

Water icon

Organise a World Water Day event

On 22nd March put on an event to celebrate World Water Day help some of the world's poorest people access clean water and disease-preventing sanitation.

You could raise: £50 - £1000 Download how to guide

Dress icon

Clothes swap

Get your friends and family together, bring along that bag of clothes you've been meaning to get rid of and get yourself a whole new wardrobe for the price of a small donation.

You could raise: £100 - £200 Download how to guide

Stopwatch icon


Pick your own event and get lots of people involved you could make this a 24 hour challenge, or a shorter, more manageable one. What about a cycleathon, dogwalkathon, skateathon, swimathon, buskathon, danceathon or a yogathon? The limit is your imagination!

You could raise: £50 - £300

Watering can icon

Get outside

Soak up the sun by organising a barbeque, summer party or an open gardens event. You could even hold a plant sale!

You could raise: £50 - £300 Download how to guides

Craft icon


Get together with friends and family to cut, craft, knit and stick all with the aim of ending poverty. You can chose to sell your creations or get people to donate in exchange for teaching them a new skill.

You could raise: £30 - £100 Download how to guide

World icon

One World Fair

The idea of the One World Fair is to get lots of organisations together at a fair to raise money for good causes! This is a bigger event to organise but well worth it.

You could raise: £200 - £1500 Download how to guide

Cake icon

Great British Cake Bake

Get together to bake some cakes or biscuits and sell them for Oxfam. Why not make a gluten free or vegan option too? You could even organise a Bake Off style competition.

You could raise: £50 - £200 

Coffee Morning Download how to guide
Cake Sale
 Download how to guide

Music icon

Organise an Oxjam gig

Oxjam is one month of unforgettable gigs happening all over the country, all in aid of Oxfam. Become an off-stage star and organise an Oxjam event in your town this October.

You could raise: Average £400 Visit the Oxjam website

Plate icon

Come dine at mine

Cook a dinner for friends or team up with a local restaurant and see if they will give you the food at cost price and the rest can go to Oxfam.

You could raise: £30 - £175 Download how to guide

Game icon

Board game night

Dust off your board games for a fun afternoon or evening with friends. Charge an entry fee for a tournament or ask for donations.

You could raise: £50 - £100 Download how to guide

Trainers icon

Oxfam Events

Oxfam offers lost of different running, cycling and walking events to get involved in! Trailwalker, the London Marathon & Ride 100 are just some of the selection on offer, and by asking others to sponsor you, you can raise money to support Oxfam's work across the globe.

You could raise: £150 - £2000 Oxfam Events

Quiz icon

Let's get quizzical

A quiz is a classic fundraiser which is adaptable. Why not try a theme? Add in a raffle or a sweepstake to raise even more cash.

You could raise: £50 - £500 Download how to guide

Star icon

Star speaker

Do you have any contacts who have interesting stories or who are an expert in their field? Our High Peak group raised an amazing £3,000 with by getting Professor Steve Peters, author of the Chimp Paradox, to speak at their event.

You could raise: £200 - £2000

Drinks icon

Personal challenge

A personal challenge could be making a pledge or giving up chocolate, alcohol or cheese. You could even shave your head or dye your hair a wacky colour. Find something to suit you. Get help setting up a page.

You could raise: £100 - £600