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Campaigning tools and resources

From how-to guides and DVDs to T-shirts and tablecloths, here is all the latest information and materials you'll need to be a fantastic campaigner.

Guides and how-tos


Our series of easy guides taps the knowledge and experience of seasoned campaigners to make getting involved easy.

Health and education campaigning (PDF 350 KB)

Oxfam's priorities for the Health and Education For All campaign.

Robin Hood Tax campaigning (PDF 286 KB)

All you need to know about the Robin Hood Tax - a tax that could raise billions to fight poverty.

Your guide to campaigning with Oxfam (PDF 1.5MB)

How your local group or student society can get involved.

Islam in action: campaigning toolkit (1.3 MB)

Campaigning toolkit aimed at young Muslim activists, produced jointly with MADE in Europe (

Big small talk (PDF 3.9 MB)

The little Oxfam guide to changing the world with your words.


Holding an event and need to order materials? Find what you need below, then download them or email your order to your nearest contact in the list at the bottom.

Note: Please consider our costs and download posters rather than ordering them unless you really have to. Most print materials can be previewed or downloaded in PDF format. To order resources, contact Kelly Paes, Campaigns Network Coordinator, at

GROW resources

Land grabs activist guide (PDF 163 KB)

Food Heroes activism guide (PDF 673 KB)

Land grabs eviction notice placard (PDF 165 KB) - preview only, contact us to order

Land grabs barrier tape (PDF 52 KB) - preview only, contact us to order

Stickers (PDF 365 KB)

T-Shirts (PDF 51 KB) - preview only, contact us to order

Badges (PDF 378 KB) - preview only, contact us to order

Health and Education For All

A2 poster (660 KB)

Birth Rights campaign guide (PDF 685 KB)

Robin Hood Tax

Robin Hood Tax resources available from the Robin Hood Tax website.

Teaching resources

We've got stacks of resources for teachers on our Oxfam Education website

Ordering resources - contacts

Contact Kelly Paes, Campaigns Network Coordinator, at

More ways to get involved