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Ways to partner with Oxfam

Ways to partner with Oxfam

Credit: Eleanor Farmer / Oxfam

There are many ways that your business can work with Oxfam.

Whilst each partnership is tailor made and aligned with your individual business needs, what's guaranteed is that our partnerships team will work collaboratively with you to develop an innovative and dynamic partnership, with shared value and lasting impact in mind.

Strategic partnerships

Work with Oxfam to help deliver key themes in your sustainable business strategy including; social impact, women's empowerment, sustainable supply chain, humanitarian response and environmental impact. This can be delivered either through programmatic partnerships or advice & consultancy from our private sector team on issues such as human rights, livelihoods and gender.

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Collaboration on pro poor products

Co-create products that support the extreme poor to be more resilient to shocks, such as flood insurance and access to finance in humanitarian emergencies.

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Customer engagement

Fareshare Volunteering Day

As one of the UK's best known charities, partner with Oxfam to engage new and existing customers, influence consumer behaviour and strengthen your brand purpose. 

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Employee engagement

Joanna Lumley at an M&S Shwoping event

Engage and motivate your employees through a host of creative activities and initiatives to bring your workforce together.

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Emergency support partnerships

Be the company that steps up when a humanitarian disaster strikes and support our disaster relief work.

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Corporate donations

Collection box at Heathrow Airport

Make a practical contribution to our fight against poverty by providing a one off financial donation or gifts-in-kind such as unwanted goods.

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