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Case study: The innocent foundation

The innocent foundation has teamed up with Oxfam to help to feed people living in crisis around the world.

Giving people access to food quickly after disaster strikes is vital if they are going to survive and recover. Oxfam and the innocent foundation have been working in partnership on this shared goal since 2014, helping thousands of the world's most vulnerable people escape hunger.

For 15 years, Oxfam has been pioneering innovative approaches to meeting people's immediate food needs. In an emergency, Oxfam responds as quickly as possible while working within existing market structures. This ensures that there is not only access to food, but that our response also helps to rebuild and strengthen livelihoods. Oxfam's approach aligns perfectly with the innocent foundation's mission of helping the world's hungry.

A life-saving partnership

As an official Emergency Response Partner, the innocent foundation has had a direct and lasting impact on thousands of people affected by disasters. Teaming up with Oxfam has also given the company a great way of engaging their employees and customers, inspiring them about the work of the innocent foundation and Oxfam.

From the beginning of the partnership, the innocent foundation were clear that they would support hard to fund emergencies. Clear ways of working and quick decision-making means that funds are directed where they are most needed.


Employees from Innocent took part in Oxfam's Emergency Challenge in 2014, raising £3,000 for Oxfam. Photo credit: Brendan Foster

Partnership achievements

  • To date, the innocent foundation has supported people in 14 emergencies with grants totalling £410,000
  • The partnership helps to meet its aim of addressing worldwide hunger
  • Innocent employees participated in emergency simulation events at Fruit Towers

Impact around the world

  • Helped get food to 2,000 refugees in South Sudan
  • Following the outbreak of Ebola in Liberia, a grant was used to help farmers facing extreme food insecurity
  • £50,000 was used to supply food to those affected by Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu
  • 600 vulnerable families in Yemen received a month's worth of supplies
  • £50,000 has gone towards sending food aid to those affected by the 2015 Nepalese earthquake
  • In September 2015, £25,000 was donated to support those living in war-torn Syria
  • £25,000 was used to distribute food vouchers to those affected by the drought in Ethiopia

We were looking for a partner with a global presence, a strong track record in emergency hunger relief and the flexibility to manage our specific giving requirements. Oxfam ticked all three boxes.

 Kate Franks, Innocent Foundation Manager

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