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Oxfam groups: local action, global impact

Can people like you really end poverty?

Yes you can - with every cake sale, quiz night, beauty evening, awareness stunt and petition signed. In just 15 years, the extreme poverty rate has been halved. Together, we can finish the job.

Oxfam has a network of local fundraising and campaigning groups across the country made up of people like you, who get together once a month to organise fundraising events, campaign for change and meet like-minded people in their local area. They recognise that between them they can raise more money than they would be able to afford to donate themselves and many want to help raise the profile of Oxfam's campaigns. The groups are led and shaped by you and are made up of a diverse range of people.

Video: Watch our groups in action

Film made by Oxfam volunteers. Editing: Mikko Mäkelä. Credit: Anton Novoselov, Simon Rasing, Ritchie Hunt, Oli Smith, Waithera Natanya Junghae

Meet Oxfam Greenwich

The 6 members of Oxfam Greenwich came together in 2015 to make a difference. Sara, Gemma, Brayan, Nikki, JiaJia and Myngoc recently put on their first event with The Tiffinians, an a capella group, which raised an amazing £367.  

Group member Myngoc Tien says:

"I've always wanted to give back to the community and help those in need...but running marathons was just not for me!! So here I am as a member of the Oxfam Greenwich Fundraising Group, not breaking a physical sweat but still raising money for Oxfam.

When I joined I worried that I wouldn't have enough time for volunteering, but now I can't help but make Oxfam part of my weekly routine. My team and I are always thinking of what event to hold next and what to post on social media... the thinking never ends when you are having so much fun.

I would definitely recommend volunteering to anyone who can spare an evening or so per week (as it does involve commitment in order to do a good job). Anyone who is open for challenge, enjoys creative thinking and lastly, meeting a bunch of great people as I have with my team. This is a brief story of my experience... Why don't you go and find yours with Oxfam."

If you would like to join the Oxfam Greenwich group please get touch with Ruth Andoh-Baxter (

Every group is different, putting on a great variety of events, from gala balls and open gardens to kayak rallies and flash mobs. Groups often also raise awareness of Oxfam and our current campaigns - at the moment we are focussing on the Even it Up campaign about inequality. Groups also often help out when there is an emergency fundraising appeal like the 2015 Nepal Earthquake or the Refugee Crisis.  The one thing all our groups have in common is their passion and determination to change lives. 

"It's the unfairness that gets me... Everyone deserves a fighting chance. I help to raise money by holding coffee mornings, doing supermarket collections, car boot sales - whatever will encourage people to get together and have fun... and I know that the money raised helps."

Juliette Fleming, Scotland Fundraising Group

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