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Recycle with us

Wanted: Poverty-busting, cash-raising, life-changing mobile phones, iPods, tablets and more… recycle with Oxfam and raise money to fight poverty.

Recycling with Oxfam is easy, great for the environment and won't cost you a penny. We turn every mobile phone you recycle with Oxfam into cash for us to buy vital kit, such as water tanks, wells, tools, seeds, school books - and loads more. All brilliant stuff.

Three ways to recycle mobile phones with Oxfam

  1. Recycle at any Oxfam shop. Find your local shop

  2. If you have up to 5 mobile phones to donate please either take these to your local Oxfam shop or visit If you have 5 or more phones to donate you will be eligible for for a free courier collection.

  3. Visit Fonebank provides a simple way to find out the value of your unwanted mobile, trade it in for cash - and make a donation to Oxfam at the same time.

Sell your phone 

Important: Please do not use the Oxfam branded recycling envelopes or previous CMR Freepost Address LON 16281. This scheme is no longer supported by the postal system and these units will not arrive with our recycler. Instead follow the steps above.

Donating other goods

Your local Oxfam shop can convert your gifts into cash to fund our work fighting poverty around the world.

How and what to donate to Oxfam's shops

Other ways to donate

What happens next?

Mobile phones get a thorough going over. If they can be refurbished, they'll be repackaged and put to good re-use.

Duds are passed on to specialist recyclers. These people are environment friendly and responsible. They dismantle every part safely - including every bit from the battery - for re-use in the industry.