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The difference you make

Thanks to supporters like you, we've been fighting poverty in all sorts of wonderful ways since 1942.

Leaving a gift in your Will to Oxfam can let your passion live on - and help end poverty. Take a look through our timeline to see how people like you have made incredible things happen in the past.

The first permanent Oxfam shop opens on Broad Street in Oxford six years after the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief was established.

Gordon McMillon, one of Oxfam's first regional organisers

Gordon McMillon, one of Oxfam's first regional organisers, raising funds for refugees with a barrel organ outside Wantage Railway Station.

Olympic sprinter, Dorothy Hyman

Olympic sprinter, Dorothy Hyman, appeals to miners at the Woodey Pit near Barnsley on behalf of the Hunger Million appeal during Oxfam's 21st Anniversary.

Oxfam exhibitions bus

Mr Matt Smith, Oxfam's Exhibitions Organiser gives the exhibition bus a final wipe-down before it leaves for a ten day educational tour of Dorset and Hampshire.

Magdalene College school boys raise funds for Oxfam

Magdalene College school boys raise funds for Oxfam by cleaning cars on the school playground – charging a bargain 5 Shillings per wash!

Oxfam supporter Lynda Colston

Oxfam supporter Lynda Colston, aged 16, of Welford-on-Avon raises money by delivering collection boxes around the village on her pony, Challenger.

The harvest at Cross Street Baptist Mission at Smethwick

A harvest at Cross Street Baptist Mission at Smethwick raised £18 for Oxfam. And this monster cabbage raised 6 Shillings alone!

Children of Walmsley C of E Primary School, Egerton

Children of Walmsley C of E Primary School, Egerton, collected more than 500 balls of odd wool which they knitted into beautiful patchwork blankets for Oxfam.

Supporters raise money for the Indian Drought, 1973

These supporters choose to fast and campaign to raise money for the Indian Drought.

The Hungry for Change fundraising group in Romsey

This Hungry for Change fundraising group in Romsey is one of over 300 groups nationwide raising funds and awareness for the work Oxfam do to fight hunger.

What your gift could achieve

£50 could provide 50 people with clean water, from families facing an emergency to a community without a nearby supply.

£105 could provide 15 mosquito nets, helping families protect themselves from malaria.

£250 could set up a farmyard, giving people the opportunity to grow crops and earn a living.

£540 could make the transportation and storage of water safer for someone in an emergency with 200 Oxfam-designed buckets. Oxfam buckets are specifically designed for carrying and storing water. Their secure lids help keep water clean and disease-free, while their taps ensure that none of the precious liquid goes to waste.

£930 could support a women’s network to influence policy makers. It will empower women to stand up for their rights, tackle issues like domestic violence and make a big impact as business and community leaders.

£2,000 could construct an irrigation system for a community so they can water their crops.

£4,000 could train 100 women on bee keeping and honey making - as well as business setup and management providing an excellent source of income for the family.

£8,913 could organise activities in 5 schools to raise awareness of what to do in a disaster.

£9,248 could enable 350 farmers to trial climate-smart rice varieties and planting techniques so they can cultivate more of their crop.

£16,908 could support plays and broadcast radio discussions on sexual health, girls’ education and child marriage in 50 villages.

£22,857 could provide latrines and a wastewater system for an 8 communities in Columbia, so people have a safe place to go to the toilet, without contaminating their water supplies.

£56,650 could construct a borehole with solar motorised pump. The borehole will produce a minimum of 80,000 litres of water a day, meeting the drinking water needs of 4000 people.

£86,964 could provide 15,000 parents and their child with a hygiene kit, which includes water purification tablets, a container for safely storing water, cups, and soap.

£197,950 could support a project in Honduras for a year, supporting rural communities to adapt to climate change by protecting farmland and water resources and promoting sustainable livelihoods.

£285,944 could fund a project in the Philippines for a year, helping communities to protect themselves from climate change.

£693,546 could fund our entire programme in Rwanda last year.

£875,791 could fund our entire programme in Nigeria last year.