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Oxfam shops

Oxfam shops - there are around 650 of them - play a crucial role in the fight against poverty, raising funds for emergency response and development work all over the world.

This is only possible thanks to people like you - people who give their time and skills to do good.

Video: An Oxfam shop full of surprises

Our story has been going for over 70 years


Oxfam opens the first ever charity shop in Broad Street, Oxford, to raise money for the Greek famine. Six decades on, it’s still going strong.


We start selling handicrafts made in developing countries, giving small-scale producers fair prices and support. We go on to co-found the Fairtrade Foundation – and Cafe Direct.


We open the first Oxfam Bookshop in Exeter. We now have more than 140 bookshops across the country.


Oxfam launches the first ever, online charity shop. Today, it's still the UK's biggest, listing more than 100,000 items


Three London shops are transformed into super-stylish fashion boutiques, creating a buzz nationwide. We also launch our Shwopping initiative with M&S


Oxfam has around 650 shops, run by more than 23,000 volunteers. Every year we raise millions to fight poverty worldwide. With your help, we’ll raise even more.